Our team

Serhii Melnykov Fund Director
Tymofii Postoiuk Development Manager
Anastasia Savchyshyn Crowdfunding of costs for the needs of the fund
Victoria Prysyazhnyuk Graphic designer \ Content creator
Karina Shuba PR Manager
Olena Poburian Crowdfunding of costs for the needs of the fund
Volodymyr Telezhynskyi Main Mechanic
Hleb Derikot Maintenance specialist / Driver
Maksym Hladkikh Maintenance specialist / Driver
Bohdan Zhuk Head of the maintenance department
Vladislav Hrebelnyk PR Manager
Vsevolod Rezoliuta Mechanic

Our NAFO representatives

Dutch Fella
Laura Nash

Our Partners

NetSolid Investments
Telegram channel "Has putin croaked yet?" 138.000+ subscribers
V.E.S Group Supplier of equipment of well-known European manufacturers in the field of Ventilation, Heating, Electrical engineering and Lighting
Radio Engineering Faculty of KPI
Sigma Tech
School of English language "BORЩ"
Suzanna Kalashyan