Our team

Serhii Melnykov Fund Director
Tymofii Postoiuk Development Manager
Anastasia Savchyshyn Crowdfunding of costs for the needs of the fund
Hleb Derikot Maintenance specialist / Driver
Volodymyr Telezhynskyi Main Mechanic
Maksym Hladkikh Maintenance specialist / Driver
Vsevolod Rezoliuta Mechanic

Our NAFO representatives

Laura Nash
Dutch Fella

Our Partners

NetSolid Investments
Telegram channel "Has putin croaked yet?" 138.000+ subscribers
Suzanna Kalashyan
School of English language "BORЩ"
Sigma Tech
Radio Engineering Faculty of KPI
V.E.S Group Supplier of equipment of well-known European manufacturers in the field of Ventilation, Heating, Electrical engineering and Lighting