Ambulance for the 3-rd Assault Brigade

Dear friends, our team is initiating a new fundraising for the 3-rd Assault Brigade. We were approached by the guys from this brigade, asking for an ambulance which we have to deliver to them as soon as possible! This car will save the lives of soldiers of Ukraine who bravely and heroically defend Ukraine every day! Thus, let's save the lives of those who help Ukraine breathe! Let's get this ambulance to the legendary 3-rd Assault Brigade together!

Together to victory!



Fundraising campaign for AZOV was changed into the fundraising for the 3-rd Assault Brigade due to the fact that AZOV did not need this car any more. 


Fundraised already ₴ 695 063
Mercedes Benz 416 CDI
Item Amount Total sum
Mercedes Benz 416 CDI 1 ₴ 695 000