Pickup for the 108-th Brigade of Territorial Defense of Ukraine


OUR TEAM IS STARTING A NEW FUNDRAISING FOR THE 108-TH BRIGADE!!! Unfortunately, the war is still there and makes its adjustments to all of our lives. Now, the father of our PR manager Karina is in the Donetsk oblast, as a soldier of the 108-th brigade, defending and liberating our territories from the occupiers. Currently, they need a vehicle to perform their combat tasks. Our fund will continue supporting the UAF until we return all our territories and we will do it together with you!

Therefore, we start another fundraising with the aim of helping our fighters achieving our COMMON GOAL!

All of these small steps bring us closer to the big victories!

Fundraised already ₴ 56 475
Remaining sum ₴ 243 525
PayPal melnykov_sergiy@ukr.net
For a donation of $50+, send Tymofii a bill with a message for the sign
Sign on a mine Examples 50$+
Sign on a shell Examples 75$+
Video gratitude 100$+
Flag with signatures of the guys (Delivered worldwide) Examples 150$+
Sign on a sticker inside a car 200$+
Sign on a car itself Examples 200$+
Ford Ranger
Item Amount Total sum
Ford Ranger 1 ₴ 300 000