Pickup for the Special Forces unit "HORT", from the 57-th Separate Motorized Infantry Brigade, named after Kost Gordienko


Our fund was approached by guys from the 57-th Brigade, who are currently defending Bakhmut, securing vital positions on the forefront!

However, they need the car to conduct reconnaissance and complete different missions on the 0-line of the front. These guys defend our lives and life we have, thus, we must help them do their tasks!

Let's bring the victory closer together! Any type of support will play its role in the accomplishment of our common goal! Let's make the impossible possible once again! Let's help our brothers and sisters defend our lovely Ukraine!


This fundraising is organized together with our partner, Anastasia Savchyshyn, who will cover a half of the sum, 150.000 UAH.

Fundraised already ₴ 262 180
Remaining sum ₴ 37 820
PayPal melnykov_sergiy@ukr.net
For a donation of $50+, send Tymofii a bill with a message for the sign
Sign on a mine Examples 50$+
Sign on a shell Examples 75$+
Video gratitude 100$+
Flag with signatures of the guys (Delivered worldwide) Examples 150$+
Sign on a sticker inside a car 200$+
Sign on a car itself Examples 200$+
Mazda B2500
Item Amount Total sum
Mazda B2500 1 ₴ 300 000